Drop In Class - $20.00

10 Class Pack - $155.00

(Valid for three months)

Tuesday Class Pass - $46

(This class pass is valid for 6:30pm hip hop, 7:30pm Jazz Funk, and 8:30pm Hip Hop)


Monthly Tuition.

1 Classes Per Week - $70 ($14 per class)

2 Classes Per Week - $90 ($10 per class)

3 Classes Per Week - $120 ($10perclass)

4 Classes Per Week - $140 ($9per class)

5 Classes Per Week - $160 ($8 per class)

6 Classes Per Week - $190 ($8 per class)

Unlimited Dance - $180

*Rates are as of June 1st, 2017

- Monthly Tuition is determined by amount of classes taken per week and monthly tuition is due the 25th of the preceding month and all accounts will automatically be charged a $20.00 late fee if paid after the last day of the preceding month (ie November tuition is due October 25 and is past due if paid after October 31).  NO EXCEPTIONS. Monthly tuition is paid via auto pay, which is required to enroll for classes. Tuition is non-refundable and is paid to save dancers placein class. If specific dancer has decided to stop attending class you must stop by the studio to fill out a “Stop Automatic Payment Form” at least 2 weeks before payment is due. If we are not contacted we will continue to bill the account.